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Mulligan Technologies provides un-used and refurbished IT hardware equipment when and where you need IT. Our mission at Mulligan Technologies is to provide our customers’ solutions which maximize their value of their IT assets now and in the future. Mulligan is able to leverage our extensive partnerships to procure high quality IT equipment, while at the same time working within budget and time constraints. Technology changes rapidly with new innovations impacting the way we do business and what we need to be successful. Mulligan leverages the ever-changing landscape of IT and its longevity for redeployment into new channels providing a secondary (A Mulligan if you will) market. We are providing you an investment channel into superior technology that you can feel both good about deploying and budget friendly. Mulligan Tech LLC has over 15 years experience with its headquarters in Brentwood, TN and additional location in Lake St. Louis, Missouri.

Why Mulligan Technologies you ask?

  • 1 Year Warranty with NBD replacement to end users, 30-day warranty to resellers
  • High Availability and quick safe shipping
  • Expertise in Optics
  • EOL Equipment available as spares, replacements, or upgrade
  • Big discounts without sacrificing quality
  • Manage logistics globally
  • Maximize IT value for existing assets

Ready to Go? Contact us Today

(314) 677-3020