Fiber-optic equipment in a data center

Why buy Mulligan IT from the secondary market?

IT equipment purchases can by expensive, lead time heavy, create downtime, while creating the feeling your upgrade is not going to stand the test of time with technology advances. Mulligan offers our customers a better experience in all these factors from investment protection with big savings off new, and quick delivery times. 

It is not un-common for Mulligan to purchase left over IT equipment from projects, business closings, upgrade cycles and more. Mulligan Technologies leverages this circular economy by offering IT equipment a Mulligan (2nd Chance) to be used. Our commitment to high standards ensures all equipment supplied is fully guaranteed and ready to be put into production. 

What type of IT equipment is available?

  • Cisco Networking
  • Juniper Networking
  • HP Networking
  • 3rd Party Maintenance
  • Cisco Optics
  • Juniper Optics
  • HP Optics
  • Wireless Solutions

*All equipment above is available un-used, refurbished, and used.

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